DAY 1 Memories of my forgotten childhood

At my age, many people seem to see that I act and think beyond my years. Their reactions and comments make me look back and try to find out the events that made me like this. Is it because of the people I met? Or the trials I encountered? When did I forget about being young?

Realizing that it’s quite difficult to find the answer, there are also some missing pieces in my childhood experiences. Those lost ones make me think that I jumped from being young to adult, no in between. But that’s not how I wanted it to be. I will try to put the moments together and at least give myself a sense of childhood and help bring me back to my younger years. I want to remember.

I will try to write daily poems for seven days to remember those missing and almost forgotten memories.


I never really liked books

I liked coloring ones and pictures

Fairy tales, legends, fables, tall tales

I never really liked words

Always stuck on TV

Befriending Sarah, Cedi, Heidi, Judy

Others came, entertained and loved

Lessons I learned from my mighty tube

Not until I was in school

I endured long writings

Even marked readings

ABC, 123, read and write

Then I met a book

Which changed everything

It made me happy, excited, and sad

Crazy to even think of all those

My life then was a bore

Until I met new friends

Adventures started from the tip of my toe

Up to the end of the couch I sit for long

These two were my bestfriends

BTV I sometimes combine them

Books and TV all the way

I never really got out of them

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