DAY 2 Memories of my forgotten childhood

Many challenges came to me even when I was just growing up. The confidence that I have for myself had to mature as well. I never thought of my strengths before but now I know better or a least I think I know something more.

Going to school gave me the opportunity to interact and to meet wonderful people. Though I was not as social as I am now, I was able to build good relationships. I learned many things beyond the classroom walls. Mt friends and schoolmates showed me different sides to the world I was in.


I once tried to jump in a dark well
Empty, half full, I was not sure
I wanted to belong, I hoped
I was scared but I was thrilled

I jumped.

There were almost half a hundred inside
Unfamiliar eyes, unknown glances
But once I smiled, there was light
Happy, welcoming faces I saw


Everyone ran, chases, laughed
Chuckles were heard almost every day
Some were beyond recognition of happiness
This lasted for four years

Then goodbye.

I had to jump in a bigger well
Much deeper, much wider
I wanted to grow and explore
I wanted to stand on my own

I jumped.

This place was more unfamiliar than the first
Everyone came from a different well
Everyone was trying to blend
Then I smiled again

There was light and laughter

People started talking
Whispers grew to long chats
Even bursting into laughter at almost every side
This too lasted for four years

But those were very different from the first

Attitudes, behaviors, experiences
All different

Everyone grew tall, while others remained the same
Boys became men
Girls turned to women
Then on my 16th year, I had to jump to a lake

I wanted freedom
Water scared me
Deep, vast bodies of water scares me

But I had to grow,
I jumped

This time farther,
With very few to almost zero known faces
I walked slowly dove deeper
I found a family

This too lasted four years
But felt like a lifetime
I grew, now I swam back
I shall face the world
With lessons from my dear friends

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