Dinner is Served

Welcome home!

Mama always greeted me that way. Why can’t you do that as well? See, the sky is dark now and I worked so hard today; a warm greeting would lighten up my day.

But I guess you are too busy with your favorite show. You are kicking the table for three straight minutes now. Is the show that good? Hey! Do you plan to break the table tonight?

Could you behave even for just fifteen minutes? I’ll make your meal now. Shhh! Stop kickign the table. Goodness!

I’ll just be in the kitchen.

Okay! If you’re not going to watch anymore, fine. Maybe you can stop moving too much. You can’t even stand up from that chair. Better listen to my story then, while you wait for your dinner.

The library was packed earlier. There was a storytelling event for hte city’s day care. Then some college club from the south held their semestral meeting on the second floor. But, the best part of the day was when a 10th grader stepped in that college meeting and started screaming, “Go to hell! All of you, go to hell!” It was so funny. You know, the kid was wearing his Batman costume. I couldn’t imagine how that little boy got on the second floor. He sure got everyone’s attention especially Arthur and Mark’s. Oh, did I mention that we got a new security guard, Arthur. Having him was great, I hated Peter. Anyways, that was basically my day. How about you?

Oh, nevermind. I know it already. I memorized all the shows in Channel 4. Let’s try watching those from Channel 8 tomorrow, what do you think?

Hey! Stop moving too much. You’ll hurt yourself. Wait for me; dinner’s almost done.

Why are you shaking your head? Don’t you like mac ’n cheese? Poor thing, you’re missing a lot. Anyway, I’ll help you eat now, but promise me you’ll not try to hurt yourself, okay? Oh, why are you breathing heavily now?

Hey! You bastard. Why did you spit my mac ’n cheese! Stop that. You’re making me feel bad. Stop spitting all those pieces. It’s not like it taste so bad. Oh my! Don’t vomit on the floor. Stop it! I made this for you.

This is Peter’s fault! I knew it. There’s nothing good coming from that man.

Okay, it’s also my fault. I should’ve checked first. Alright, sorry. You poor thing. I’ll make another one. I guess mac ’n cheese depends on the type of a person’s blood as well.

What do you mean it’s not even food? Hey, this was my Mama’s recipe so you watch your mouth. Yes, I put the macaroni there and the cheese, but Mama taught me to add a speacial ingredient. Well, I should’ve asked Mama about that, too. Oh well, I’ll just fry some meat then. Wait for me and behave. You don’t want to share the fridge with Peter, would you?

#monologue #flashfiction #darkstory

Giving life back to my old work.
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