Love is Relative

When I love someone, does that person have to be from the opposite sex?

Does it have to be a romantic form of attraction to consider it LOVE?

A lot of people try to find their ONE TRUE LOVE, even if it will cost them a lifetime of searching. Could it really be a form of illusion for a person to love only one person?

Can I not love many people at a time without malice or any sort of romantic connotation?


I can love ALL the people that took a great part in my life.

I can love EVERYONE.

I can say so proudly that I love them.

I love God.

I love my parents.

I love my siblings.

I love my friends.

LOVE should not be jailed into a single meaning.

The way we show love should not be limited to the couple we tend to dream about.



Expression of love is ETERNAL.

Enough with the so limited love (couple relationship) statements. There is something beyond the common.

Let us give chance to other forms of LOVE.

This is me looking back to my writing from 2016. There seems to be a number of pieces I tried to work on but never shared. So, in the coming days, I would try to put them up here.

Hopefully, reading through them again can help me get back on my writing as well. I miss that part of myself.

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