Thanks for everything. I know it may not mean much to you but it’s very important to me. Being left here under the dark, cold, foreign, and scary hole all my life, I never knew your world. Yet you chose to give me light and let me out of this cruel place. Oh, be careful you’re holding my tender head too tight. They never really grew that much because of the limited space under there.

Wait! Don’t just throw me beside these strangers.


Please pick me up again. The others. The others.

They are too noisy. Too scared. Too happy.

Please, Mister. I can’t stand this kind of home.

Yes, thank you.

Thank you and you listened to your friend over the driver’s seat. You both must have been really good friends. Your parents must have raised you both well.

Oh, is that right? You two are not just friends, you too are brothers!

So dear, oh so sweet. How I wish I also knew my brothers or sisters. All I know is that my mother’s the only member of our family that I met.

She was gorgeous. With her thick yet soft, silky, black hair. Her wonderful curves and her tender touch. Though I was too young to really appreciate her beauty, she was all there was of my world. I thought I would make my parents proud. Then the next thing I remember was that I was laid in this cold, muddy forest.

My mother was tucking me in for my eternal sleep. Blanketing me with these fertile soil found beneath this Narra tree. Still, I loved her and I only gave her a quiet smile before we parted.

Oh, Mister, would you be so kind as to pull me to that corner. I guess you left my fingers and limbs over there.

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