On Writing: (1) Dark thoughts, great stories

A simple sight of blood upsets me. Even a small cut sometimes scares me. I seem to have a low tolerance for the striking uneasiness of pain or more so with gore. This reaction, however, seems strange to people who know me personally, because I write some dark stories with vivid descriptions.

My Routine

I see writing as a form of expression and even an escape at moments when I needed it the most. I write stories to find an outlet for all these unpleasant experiences and emotions. Though I smile and speak so happy most of the time, my stories help me survive the worries of experiencing any ominous events. This is the reason behind the explorations I do with my stories where I put into detail the series of misfortunes and even hurtful accidents that leave me helpless.

There may be an unexpected series of ideas that bother me at night. Then, they become interesting stories that I go back to whenever I want to find new inspiration. However, I still don’t feel confident in sharing them. This I hope to work on for the coming weeks. The use of unusual characters and settings sometimes aren’t the best pair for others who want to relax. I even get overwhelmed at times when I re-read these works. I simply don’t have the right system to keep track of my eerie tales and wishes.

Hope to finally keep up with the right routine that lets me finish a piece in time. Fewer distractions and more about finding inspiration. Hello, 2017.

>>Also, I need to stay focused on a particular train of thought when I write. Please.

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