Children’s Books

Their colorful pages and interesting titles draw my attention whenever I try to buy some books from a second-hand bookstore. I am not sure what comes to me when I check children’s books. I am just mesmerized. 🙂

These past few days I have caught myself checking children’s book titles in a local bookstore and even tried to get myself a new one for a short read. So, I ended up buying this:


There were also instances where I even purchased online books just to get a copy of the stories I really enjoyed when I was growing up. My mom doesn’t usually keep old books around because she thinks of those as extra work to clean and maintain. That was why most of the comic books, fairy tales, activity books, and other short stories were given away or even thrown out of the house. It was a sad experience to remember, but that was a long time ago. Now, I am trying to build a new set of collection. This time my mom won’t feel bad about cleaning up because I am the one looking after the books.

I had these Roald Dahl books online from Chapter IX Booksandmore 🙂


I liked Roald Dahl’s stories since I was a child. I may not have enjoyed the stories because of the English words when I was just learning basic grammar then, but the books gave me a chance to explore and learn.

There were even times that I really searched for the printed copies because I could only know about the story through the movies. However, the movies may be good, but some parts were missing. The connection was quite different.

Then I had these from last year:

20150224_books I tried my best to not be overly excited with these. However, I think that this habit would last a little longer than expected. Though I may not take hold of these books for too long (I already gave away a couple of books to my adorable young neighbors), I would keep the stories fresh in my mind. I think the next time I go to another bookstore, I would be giddy as my five-year old self whenever I get to read a new comic book. 🙂

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