My whole weekend was occupied by our family reunion. There were many familiar faces and also new faces. Meeting relatives in the Philippines is always a loud gathering with the videoke on and random chats with whoever is available. This time, however, the family had an overnight swimming. No lazy time because everyone’s busy playing, singing, drinking, cooking, and talking. This made me think of the times when I was still young and played with my cousins. Those were carefree days 🙂

Ferris Wheel

Each one comes and goes
There are a lot of faces to know
Cheers and games are heard
Whenever one goes home

Memories keep them alive
Holding on to their last dime
Cherished encounter comes to life
As someone tells the story line

Loved ones hug and kiss
Giving everyone blessings to keep
Tired faces light up in places
Radiating love all around

People may have ups and downs
But family stays all year round
Caring, waiting, praying
Welcoming whenever some comes home

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