Walking up and down the stairs
Fidgeting at some unknown pace
Only looking on the toes of my feet
Ideas bursting all over the place

No one wanted to do it, I insisted
Everyone knew it was a good plan
On the third step up, the fidgeting stops
Missing the step had be falling, breaking

My knees scrape the steps or is it the other way
The bone cracks without warning
My ideas scattered on the floor
Tears come down uninvited, I’m not sure why

I know it is not because of the pain
But partly because of it, I guess
Though it’s more of the thought I lost
The fall shouldn’t have happened

Now, I look at the red mark
I wipe the tears away
I need to go back to my spot
The best of my work is interrupted


  1. I’m not sure I get there’s a deeper idea aside from what the poem is actually trying to tell, but I still like it without all the rhymes. 🙂


    1. Thank you for reading this poem. ^^

      No worries with learning what I meant with this. Each poem is read and interpreted by its reader on his or her own account.
      My goal as a writer is to make the readers feel, may it be good or bad, when they read my work. Just my idea, though 😉

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