The One: Lens through Different Characters

Sometimes I am not sure if I am going to call myself a pop culture junkie or not. There are instances when I really follow a certain trend or sudden entertainment outburst, but other times I am this old spirit in a young lady’s body enjoying my simple corner in the room. In between all those, I have noticed that several books, songs, TV shows, and movies have shaped my personal idea about love and relationship. This is my personal take on it and I am not sure if others can relate as well, but there must be even just a tiny piece of influence in all of us.

I can find both the cynical people and the hopeless romantics in the same scenario of having their inspiration from their favorite show, book, or song. This is how our society is molded. In my country, the Philippines, we are Asians in the facade, but most of our rooting are cluttered western practices, beliefs, and dreams. However, I would not make this as a generalization because there are still some rare species among us (and I don’t really want to make a fight). Anyway, as I was trying to find this specific meaning to love, I am overwhelmed with the hope movies project.

For example in the movies where you get to find your true love, even if you are worlds apart. How romantic, right? I got to watch a lot of those similar plots already. This made me think that it’s happening over and over again and people simply just got stuck to it, but not really understanding what it was. When I watch a movie, read a book, or even follow a TV series and the stories are just the same, I get tired. This is how I see love and relationship now, the opposite of the ones presented through television.

It would be better if they make more movies like 500 Days of Summer. It has almost the same ingredients but with a little kick. Though, it is still not the best example.

Or maybe more lovable characters for TV series.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper ^^

I personally enjoy series like The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, and Community (with Sherlock and Once Upon a Time on the side). I like those series because I saw some really great characters come alive. I don’t follow the usual hero/heroine leads. I relate more with the sidekicks and the supporting casts.

TBBT: Dr. Sheldon Cooper

Genius beyond doubt, but knows less about social interactions and building relationships. However, there are times that this character brought more emotions and reasons compared with the others.

This characters makes me feel that I am not alone. That at least even a fictional character could have that sense of the unknowing. Just like the way I see love and having a relationship right now. There are a lot to read, to listen to, and to see, but even if I already mastered all, I still don’t have the slightest idea on how to act properly with others, or even start a relationship with them.

Community: Abed Nadir 

Abed Nadir ♥

The lost member of the study group who relates and interacts with all the pop culture ideas through him. He is the one who gets alone most of the time, if not with his best friend. He is considered the odd one because of his lack of social skills and his obsession (which I think is dependence) on pop culture. But there was one episode where among the rest he was actually the only sane person.

He may hurt others because he honestly says what he feels and he shares his thoughts to them not knowing that there are some sort of expected reactions. This is me whenever I feel that I am acting different and I comfort myself with words from my favorite books, watch TV series, and write poems. Instead of pop culture, I have my poems to give me the assurance with my hope of keeping good relationships around me.

Criminal Minds: Dr. Spencer Reid

With this third one, I think I really have a type that I like to follow. The smart and quiet ones. Dr. Spencer Reid is the youngest member of the BAU but he is far more intelligent that most of his colleagues. In those cases, he is also the strange one. His limited social skills when he just started gives off  awkward scenarios are more difficult place to handle.

His insights are the ones that really made me appreciate this character. I have built my walls because of the expectations and the truth that I see around me. I read books to go to a different world and escape (though I can’t read as fast as this character). Words help me survive and relate.

Dr. Spencer Reid ♥♥

With these three characters, I see that finding the one is still possible even with the strange ones like myself. Also, these characters experience pain which is far more than what my reality could have imagined. But, through all those I saw that love and relationship is not a smooth sailing and simple adventure shown in other stories. It is not just fate that lets us see the one, but our decisions and actions as well. Those are building blocks of the path we are making. Hope that when I meet the one, it won’t be a smooth sailing one, but an adventure with decisions, challenges to make it stronger and smarter.

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