A Look Back: The Rhetoricians ♥

March 23, 2005
University of the Philippines Los Baños

The birth date of The Rhetoricians 🙂

logoToday is the 10th anniversary of the UPLB Speech Communication organization. A place which I considered a family since the day I became I member in 2010.

It is such a wonderful moment to look back to the things I’ve done and learned from this organization. The amazing and somewhat crazy members I’ve met who all brought unimaginable joy and shared memorable experiences with me. This was also the place which helped me hone my skills in writing and speech communication. I even kept some of the souvenirs to remember those times.

magniI was a part of three Magniloquence competitions. A yearly event which gives an opportunity for New Freshmen to be heard and take part in the university affairs. I was even a participant in the 2009 Magniloquence when I was still an NF, but I didn’t win. 😉

Then there was a time when I also became a member of the Executive Committee and started to have events and activities of our own. There were others which we tried to improve and something for the new members to work with in the future.


  • Participating in the AlmOSAlan
  • Magniloquence 2012
  • Community Service for the flood victims (Words without Actions are not Enough)
  • Midnight Jam 2012

Of course, all of these became possible because of the wonderful (and gorgeous) members of the organization. Now, almost two years after graduation, I feel old and I miss being with my second family 🙂

Phronesis. Eunoia. Arete.


Executive Committee 2012-2013 (photo edited by Dale Rivera)
Executive Committee 2012-2013  (photo edited by Dale Rivera)
Even from three years ago. Batch Adelanto! ♥ (edited: JM Salgado)

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